Near New Novels and Textbooks

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We at Western Campus know that textbooks and novels can be expensive, especially when purchasing high volumes. We aim to do everything in our power to make sure that you spend as little as possible. In doing so, we offer a number of novels and textbooks that have never been issued to a student before at a discounted rate. This is what we consider ‘Near New’ condition.

Below is a brief description of what ‘Near New’ condition means in both novels and textbooks. In addition, you can find some of the titles that we have plenty of stock available in near new condition.


Near New Novels

Near new novels have never been issued to a student before. The only visible marking on these books will be a remainder mark. You might be thinking ‘what exactly is a remainder mark?’ A remainder mark is a tiny mark that publishers make on the edge of a novel.

When a novel is released into the retail stream it goes out to various bookstores in mass quantities. These bookstores then return excess stock, after a pre-determined amount of time, of this book to the publishers to receive a credit for future purchases. When the publishers receive all of their excess stock back, they then make tiny marks on all of the novels to signify that they have previously been through the retail channel. After all of the novels have been marked by this ‘remainder mark’ they are then sold at a discounted rate to bookstores.



Near New Textbooks

Near new textbooks have also never been issued to a student before. These titles are sold at a discounted rate simply because the cover shows minor wear and tear. These textbooks have never been stamped or barcoded by schools and have no internal markings.


Now that you are familiar with our ‘Near New’ condition, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.