Buying and Selling Books: Timing is Everything

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Everybody loves a deal. We’ll use a few more well-worn clich├ęs to help you get great deals on second-semester (or other) book purchases.

Since time is money, we’ll keep this short and sweet.

New year. New curriculum. New books? Whether or not you’re at a semester school, January is traditionally a busy month for book buyers.

If you need one or two top-up choices or a class set for the new semester, you will save by purchasing top-quality used books from Western Campus Resources. You can search our stock and order budget-friendly used books. But, remember, inventory is limited, and the early bird gets the worm.

With used textbooks, the door swings both ways as Western Campus also buys them. Click here or call 1-800-995-5283 or 604-988-1055 today to tell us you have books that you no longer need. The sooner we get your surplus books, the sooner we can turn them into cash for you.

It’s a different story with novels. On February 1st, our famous February Novel Sale kicks off. We’re still finalizing the details, but if you can wait until February, you’ll save a nice chunk o’ cash on your novels. Or, if you can split your novel order into what you need in January and what you need later, you’ll still have some dough.

Remember, Western Campus ships free freight on most orders everyday of the year. Click to see our free freight thresholds.

In a nutshell. Order used textbooks for second semester ASAP to maximize your SAVINGS. Sell us your surplus used textbooks ASAP. If you can, wait until our February Novel Sale to buy your novels. Remember, our free freight thresholds are easy to achieve.

Contact us today for a free quote! Remember the sooner you contact us the more likely you are to get discounted titles!