What are Near New Novels?

Our Best Value

We think you’ll agree that near new novels are more than another way Western Campus Resources helps schools save money on book purchases. Priced at 45% off Canadian list prices–that’s 10% more than our everyday 35% discount on new novels–NEAR NEW NOVELS ARE THE BEST VALUE WESTERN CAMPUS OFFERS.

Our Secret

So, you ask, how can we stay in business selling books at almost half off? Here’s our secret: near new novels are marked down because they are publishers’ returns and excess inventory. We shop for the best deals and pass the savings on to you.

Remainder Marks

Most near new novels are marked with a small line or dot on the edge of the book.

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These marks do not interfere with readability nor enjoyment of the books. Rather, the marks ensure that the books will not be returned to the publisher for credit. Near new novels are not used books, they are unread and in excellent condition. For more information, click here

Limited Selection

If you think it sounds too good to be true, you’re right. The selection of near new novels we can offer is limited to titles which publishers have excess stock of.

Plan Ahead

There are two ways you can take full advantage of our 45% off near new novel pricing. First, let Western Campus send your school a preference for the extra 10% savings available with near new novels. Second, if you know which novels your school will be buying in the future, let us know so that we can “watch list” the titles you need. When we find one of your watch list titles, we will let you know how many copies we can get for you.

Contact Western Campus today for savings on your next novel purchase!