Six-Buck Shakespeare


Why pay more?

Western Campus Resources supplies budget-friendly new copies of Shakespeare’s most popular plays for less than $6.00 per copy.

That’s right, the Bard’s best drama for less than six bucks a book. Complete, unabridged original texts from well-respected publishers.

Publisher Original Text Unabridged Teacher’s
Hamlet Romeo Macbeth Midsummer
Night’s Dream
Folger Yes Yes Online $4.54 $4.54 $4.54 $4.54
No Fear/
Yes Yes Line-by-line
$4.88 $4.88 $4.88 $4.88
Signet Classics Yes Yes Online $5.17 $5.17 $3.58 $4.88

Note that Western Campus offers (most) other Shakespeare plays from the same publishers at comparable prices. We can supply more expensive editions, but why pay more? Choose six-buck Shakespeare and keep money in thy purse.

For more information on how you can save money on other book purchases, call 1-800-995-5283 or 604-988-1055 or email us at [email protected].

Six-buck Shakespeare prices reflect Western Campus’ regular everyday 35% discount on new novels. Six-buck Shakespeare titles count towards your free freight thresholds.