Life Sciences 11

Life Sciences 11

Roger Prior’s newest study guide, Life Sciences 11, is now available. This book fully aligns with the new 2017 curriculum.

  • Key Features of Life Sciences 11

    Full Colour – 224 pagesLifeSciences_11_Cover_CMYK (1)
    Table of Contents – indexing BIG IDEAS of the 2017 curriculum revision
    Colour Coding – thumb tabs for each unit
    Learning Outcomes – representative photo at the beginning of each unit
    Text – written in easy-to-understand language
    First Nations’ Perspectives – infusion of indigenous knowledge
    Concept Check-up Questions and Discussion Questions
    Check Your Knowledge of Concepts – multiple choice questions at the end of every unit
    Build Your Understanding of Concepts – at the end of every unit
    Photographs and Illustrations – over 300 visuals, making the pages more engaging
    QR Codes – may be scanned by students to access biology topics on the internet and in the literature
    Data Tables – an additional way to organize the content
    Taxonomic Guide – providing students with explanatory reference for all the organisms in the book
    Answers – available to all of the concept check-up questions, check your knowledge of diagrams, and check your knowledge of concepts
    Glossary – each of the 700+ terms in bold print within the text are described

Discussion Questions and Build Your Understanding of Concepts do not have answers in the book, making them useful for assignments and/or class discussion topics. A full set of these answers is contained in a Teacher Reference Set, which is available FREE to customers.

About Roger Prior:

Roger started out in teaching senior biology in 1976. From there he developed sets of study notes for the more challenging components of grade 12 biology. These notes became so popular that he turned them into study guides for the unit in biology. This led to his first print of “Biology 12 – A Student Resource.”

The second edition of “Biology 12 – A Student Resource” came out in 1999. Roger set on printing only 60 copies, but the demand had grown so much, he printed and sold over 200. A few years later, he was selling this edition by the thousands to students in British Columbia.

The natural progression led Roger to start creating guides for Biology 11, which are now on their 5th edition and his Biology 12 books have reached their 7th edition. Roger retired in 2012, where he started turning his highly popular books into interactive eBooks.

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