Eco Books 4 Kids!

Eco Books 4 Kids is a publishing company devoted to producing entertaining, educational children’s picture books about Canadian wildlife. These books are written and illustrated to introduce and get children excited about stories based on our natural environment.

Educational resources about Canadian wildlife are included in each book, and a cross-curricular Teachers’ Package has been designed for the book Spirit Bear, which may be purchased separately. Furthermore, Eco Books 4 Kids offers a plethora of information in their Animal Profiles, which are available free from the ‘Education’ section of their website. Teachers and students are able to access fun facts about their favourite Canadian wildlife.

Eco Books 4 Kids strives to have the lowest eco-footprint possible by printing on FSC with vegetable inks and non-toxic coatings.

The Collection

Christmas Books

Eco Books 4 Kids offers a three-book Canadian Christmas series based on traditional songs and stories. Packed with Canadiana and plenty of humour, this series is a delightful way to introduce students to Canadian animals, icons and geography. Canadian Jingle Bells follows Santa’s unconventional beaver team through each province and territory, and a final map with province names and capital cities serves as a valuable learning tool. Funny, musical and entertaining, these books provide great educational fun!

Christmas Collection

About the Author

Jennifer Harrington is a Toronto-based illustrator, graphic designer and author of children’s’ Eco-books. She has illustrated the best-selling children’s book series a Moose in a Maple Tree.

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