Jump Math Book 6, Part 2

by Mighton, John

Jump math was founded in the belief that all children, even those who have traditionally struggled at school, can learn mathematics. The JUMP Math student assessment & practice books are meant to be used in conjunction with the extensive teacher resources to enable students to practice and explore subtle variations on the lessons and to enable teachers to rapidly assess progress. For each lesson, there is a clear and highly effective lesson plan, which enables teachers to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of teaching to the whole class while tailoring to individual needs. Each lesson is carefully designed to generate deep, subtle, transferable mastery of key concepts. Lesson plans include ideas for contextualizing the math, questions and tasks that allow students to discover mathematical concepts, games, activities, and innovative extension questions that keep "fast" students engaged and learning while teachers help others to master the key objectives.

Parents, Students and Tutors

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ISBN ISBN 13 9781897120781
ISBN 10 1897120788
Edition PB
Publisher JUMP
Published Date 09/09
Page Count 184
Language en

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