Science Probe 7 BC Nelson/E Student 2005

by Chapman

A new resource solution for a new curriculum, Nelson B.C. Science Probe is a custom program developed for B.C. students and teachers by knowledgeable, qualified B.C. educators and advisory team members. This new, best-selling science text is tailored specifically to address the requirements for the new K-7 IRP (100% match), with content presented in a B.C. context. Series continuity, with editions from Grades 4 to 10, offers comfort and consistency for students and teachers. Features include: ? Key Ideas on first page of each chapter ? Learning Tips that support Reading for Information and developing science skills ? Scientific vocabulary is highlighted and defined in pictures and words ? Examples of student work ? Purposeful hands-on activities ? Check Your Understanding"key ideas and vocabulary with visual support ? Skills Handbook in the back of every student text ? Designated as "Recommended" by the B.C. Ministry

Parents, Students and Tutors

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ISBN ISBN 13 9780176271848
ISBN 10 0176271848
Edition 7
Publisher NELSO
Published Date 06/05
Page Count 314
Language en

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