Issues for Canadians Ab Social Studies 9

by Lychak, Patricia| Gerrits

Developed specifically to address the new Grade 9 Social Studies curriculum, Issues for Canadians is an issues-focused resource that presents issues relevant to lives of Canadians and encourages students to take an informed position. Key Features: Engaging and relevant Student Resource Information is presented in a variety of ways, including comics, interviews, and stories to engage students and stimulate visual learners Presents real issues that are relevant in today's society Highly skills-focused resource to prepare students for the Provincial Achievement Test. Includes: Tasks in each chapter designed to focus on and engage different benchmark skills Peer modelling to help students develop skills and understand how to use them Skills Centre for student reference

Parents, Students and Tutors

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ISBN ISBN 13 9780176336509
ISBN 10 0176336508
Edition HC
Publisher NELSO
Published Date 01/08
Page Count 388
Language en

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