Art Talk 3/E

by Ragans, Rosalind

The perfect blend of art criticism, art history, aesthetics, and studio production ArtTalk is the most comprehensive multilevel art education program available. It has expanded its coverage of art history, strengthened its technology integration features, and placed more emphasis on the performing arts--all while maintaining its focus on a media approach to the elements and principles of art. Students learn to look at, appreciate, and criticize art through more than 200 artworks that represent a variety of cultures, styles, and media. At the same time, they develop their creativity and studio skills by participating in a multitude of hands-on experiences.

Parents, Students and Tutors

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ISBN ISBN 13 9780026624343
ISBN 10 0026624346
Edition 3
Publisher GLCMA
Published Date 06/00
Page Count 480
Language en