Crossroads 10 Anthology

by Gage

Crossroads is an English/Language Arts series for grades 7 to 10, developed by a team of educators from across Canada. This series provides a developmental approach to instruction over the four grades, and reflects congruence with all Canadian curricula, while meeting a wide range of student interests. Benefits/Features: Organized thematically - 6 themes Alternate Table of Contents indicates genre and alternate themes, allowing organizational flexibility "Goals at a Glance" boxes focus students on the key expectations/outcomes "Strategy" boxes offer practical suggestions for activities that focus on writing, media studies, and literary analysis "Focus on Process" pages provide in-depth, how-to guides for the processes of writing and other language strands "Student Response" activities for each selection focus on writing, reading comprehension, and oral comprehension "End of Unit" activities provide a basis for formative evaluation covering all aspects of the curriculum

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ISBN ISBN 13 9780771513329
ISBN 10 0771513321
Edition HC
Publisher GAGE
Published Date 01/00
Page Count 352
Language en

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