Auto Diagnosis, Service, And Repair I.M.

by Stockel, Martin T

Auto Diagnosis, Service, and Repair provides students with a sound foundation in the essential skills required to service, troubleshoot, and repair today's complex vehicles. This text is intended for beginners who need to learn the fundamentals of automotive repair, as well as persons now in automotive work who want to improve skills and increase earning potential. It also serves as a training aid for those preparing to take ASE-certification tests. The complexity of today's vehicles has changed the nature of automotive repair. In late-model vehicles, most systems are interrelated. This means a malfunction in one system can cause trouble in a seemingly repairs, a logical approach must be taken to pinpoint the source of the problem. To address this need, effective diagnosis and trouble shooting procedures are emphasized throughout the book.

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ISBN ISBN 13 9781566379120
ISBN 10 1566379121
Edition 4E
Publisher GOODH
Published Date 01/03
Page Count 420
Language en

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