CRITR Workbooks

Introducing the CRITR Workbooks

Connecting – Resilience – Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation


Reconciliation requires action, and together we are taking action. The CRITR workbooks were created in response to the current Canadian societal context.

The CRITR workbooks are invaluable resources. They include high-quality lessons and activities about Indigenous Canadian History, Residential Schools, Treaties, Indigenous Contributions past and present and a unit detailing the various days of recognition in Canada.

These resources are made up of seven units and 43 lessons in Gr. 8-12 and 39 lessons in Gr. 5-7.

In creating the CRITR workbooks, the author worked closely with eight unique Indigenous groups and individuals who contributed original content through their knowledge and wisdom.

CRITR Features!

  • Indigenous knowledge from different Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous perspectives.
  • Dozens of lessons covering important topics including Residential Schools, Treaties and Indigenous Contributions.
  • Beautiful original art on the covers and throughout the book.
  • An Indigenous worldview expressing people’s need to develop themselves and their children, in a way that addresses their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental gifts.
  • An approach to the teaching and healing process that is interconnected and cyclical in nature.
  • An introduction to readers of the concept of a “sacred circle,” also known as a medicine wheel, as well as First Peoples’ principles of learning in general terms.
  • Words of encouragement.
  • A balance between too much and too little content.
  • Information and a layout to inform and inspire without overwhelming the teacher or the student in the classroom or at home.
  • Fresh insights and learning activities for key Indigenous events that are celebrated annually in schools and communities across the Nation.
  • Critical thinking questions to inspire new learning.
  • Activities for individuals and groups.
  • The font in the grade 5-7 book is ideal for younger readers.
  • Additionally, the grade 5-7 book features shorter sentence structure for easy reading and comprehension.
  • Each book has grade level appropriate word choice to help with improved vocabulary.

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