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Buying and Selling Books: Timing is Everything

Everybody loves a deal. We’ll use a few more well-worn clichés to help you get great deals on second-semester (or other) book purchases. Since time is money, we’ll keep this short and sweet. New year. New curriculum. New books? Whether or not you’re at a semester school, January is traditionally a busy month for book… Read more »

Looking Back on 2016

If our information-age media hasn’t slaked your thirst for year-end reflections and projections, then perhaps you’ll take a moment to reflect upon how Western Campus helps you get the books you need at prices you can afford. Our staff will remember 2016 as the most important year in the 19-year history of Western Campus Resources…. Read more »

Why You Should Buy Used Textbooks Whenever You Can!

Buying textbooks can be expensive, so why make it more expensive than it needs to be? Western Campus offers textbooks in five different conditions: new, nearly new, used, fair, and passable. Click here for an explanation of the various conditions. Used textbooks are a more cost-effective alternative to buying brand new textbooks. Oftentimes when you buy… Read more »

Five of our Bestselling Textbooks

It’s that time of year again, when textbooks must be ordered for the upcoming school year. With the big curriculum change, we at Western Campus know how tough it is to find a textbook that works, but don’t worry, we are here to help! Below is a list of five of our bestselling textbooks sold… Read more »