Alberta Testimonials and Reviews

Westwood Community High

Western Campus Resources has been amazing for all our textbook needs. The staff has gone above and beyond to make our experience stress free and affordable. Their quick response to every request has made our transition from a High School to a High school/ Jr High smooth in regards to finding enough textbooks for our new students without depleting our budget. Living in Rural Northern Alberta, it can sometimes be hard to find resources that you need. Western Campus Resources has become very convenient, with such great customer service and fast shipping. Working with them has been a very enjoyable experience, and I would highly recommend their company to other schools.

Trina Hollett
Fort McMurray

Ecole McTavish

I cannot even put into words how wonderful the staff at Western Campus Resources are!! I am the Learning Commons Library Assistant at a newly expanded high school and we have ordered all of our textbooks and novel study sets for gr.10-12 from them. From getting the initial quote to the delivery, the whole process is so smooth and easy. The quality of their used books is amazing, which means amazing savings for our school!! I’ve even had a few defective products and they have replaced them, no questions asked. Hands down the best customer service of any company I’ve dealt with!!

Dana Whelen
Fort McMurray

St. Andre Bessette

This company is amazing! Because they offer such a varied selection of titles, they are always my first one-stop-shop for textbooks or novels. It’s great that I can choose from brand new or used condition depending on my budget. The customer service is top-notch from the salesperson to the support team. The website is easy to maneuver or you may email the friendly staff for a quote.

I have dealt with this awesome company for many years because of their outstanding salesperson and their very approachable customer service staff. They have a massive collection from textbooks to fiction books available, everything from new to used condition at very affordable prices. Browse through the website or contact them via email and enjoy your shopping.

What an amazing company! We were able to sell our surplus books and get some cash in return, then purchased what we currently needed from the new or used collection available with free shipping. Dealing with the awesome salesperson made this experience such a pleasure and everything ran seamlessly. I definitely recommend contacting them.

Judy Sutton
Fort Saskatchewan

Alberta Distance Learning

Western Campus Resources is a great source for educational resource materials. We use them a lot. With all of the budget cut-backs they are able to find us the materials (textbooks and novels) we need for a price that fits our budget. They are a dual purpose supplier as they also find sales for books that we no longer use. Western Campus is one of our top suppliers.

Donna Silgard

School of Hope

Western Campus Resources has the most amazing staff. Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and helpful only begin to describe my experience with our sales rep and any of the staff I have been fortunate enough to deal with. Whether I am buying or selling, all I have to do is send a quick email or pick up the phone and I have my quote or answers in short order. A working relationship for over twelve years feels more like family – there’s someone there whenever you need them. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide and the marvelous staff you have working there. It’s always a delight.

Monica Beck-Slater

Ross Sheppard Sr. High

I have been relying on the services of Western Campus Resources for many years, at every library in which I have worked since I first discovered this site. The website is wonderful, but the staff are the real gems: knowledgeable and So helpful. The pricing is more than competitive ( it is the lowest we have found in most cases) and the free shipping is the icing on the cake. The semi-annual novel sales are a boon to our English department, as well. I can’t remember ever having a less-than-stellar interaction with this company. I heartily endorse Western Campus Resources.

Cate McPhee

Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Western Campus Resources for approximately the last 11 years and find them to be extremely helpful & easy to work with. Anytime I have sent in a request looking for specific books, they get back to me that same day letting me know that they are working on my request and usually by the same day I have a quote for my order. There have been times that I have sent in a request on books that I really didn’t think they would have, only to be pleasantly surprised to find out that they can get them for me. I appreciate all the effort they put into making sure my “book needs are met”, and I highly recommend them!

Ronalee Melchert
Red Deer

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School

Western Campus should be everyone’s first stop for book purchases. I know it’s mine! The employees of Western Campus are quick to respond to every request, always provide the best deals, and are consistently down to earth and respectable. Every experience with them is pleasant thanks to their upbeat and efficient staff. I can’t thank them enough for the amazing service and the endless, great condition books they have provided to my school library over the past four years. Thank you, Western Campus!

Taylor Stevens
Red Deer

Manachaban Middle School

Have to say this company exceeds expectations every time… Thanks to Kelly and Nelson particularly, whenever I am in need of quick response to textbook or novel needs, they are on it, and fast track my orders whenever possible. Product is always in great shape (even ‘used’ items) and they are fast on the update in providing quotes including shipping rates and ETAs.  They are my ‘go-to’ book seller/distributor and I am proud they are Canadian to boot!

A. Harris

St. Peter the Apostle

As a Learning Resource Coordinator for an Alberta High School I can tell you that when the Alberta Government shut down the textbook warehouse where schools could one stop shop for all things schoolbook related, I found myself spending days shopping at over half a dozen different publisher’s websites in order to fulfill my school’s textbook needs. It would take days, sometimes weeks of ordering online, tracking down order sheets on websites, filling out paperwork, sending faxes, and calling toll free lines to order our books. Then, I found Western Campus and all my prayers were answered!

Western Campus carries over 95% of all the textbooks, novel studies, workbooks and teacher resources my school needs. What used to take days to order in now takes minutes. Couple clicks of the mouse and a confirmation email later and I’m done! If there is ever any issue, or they have a better deal for me, my rep Kelly contacts me directly. The staff is super friendly, very polite, helpful, quick and efficient. You couldn’t ask for better customer support from a company.  If you have a question, they usually have the answer and it typically comes to you on the same day you asked it, or the next business day if it’s a tough one. No more waiting 5 to 7 business days!

Western Campus has competitive prices that usually match, or are better than, the publisher. If your school is trying to stretch the budget while not compromising quality, Western Campus often offers gently used textbooks bought from other schools. Each one is checked over and repaired, if needed, before they offer it for sale at a reduced price. Need to get rid of a resource and don’t want to feel like you are throwing away money? Contact Western Campus and they might just pay you to take it off your hands!

I have been recommending this company to all the local school librarians for years. I cannot express how much time, effort and stress this wonderful company has saved me!

Sarah Zurbrigg
Spruce Grove

Sir George Simpson Junior High

Superior customer service. Fantastic response times. Great prices, and with consignment, I can take a CREDIT, and then buy books for my library, FOR FREE!!

Sue Turnbull
St. Albert

Ecole St. Gerard Catholic School

About 6-7 years ago I was introduced to Western Campus. I didn’t have the opportunity to use them much until a few years ago when a split of our school left us with unnecessary Grade 8 & 9 French textbooks (Science, Social Studies, Math). I knew exactly where to go and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! I shipped numerous boxes of these used textbooks and almost all were worth for consignment, rather than being sent to the recycle bin or landfill! The sale of these textbooks gave us credits which meant we were able to purchase other items for our school, like novel studies & replacement textbooks.
I would greatly recommend doing business with this team–they are quick to respond to inquiries & to send out quotes and products; they’ve saved us thousands of dollars and are my #1 place to contact when in need of resources! Give them a call–you will NOT regret it!

Sylvia Chabot
Grand Prairie