If your school is like most, there are surplus books in your bookroom. The timely sale of these unneeded titles is as important to balancing your school’s book budget as careful buying.

Send Western Campus a list of your surplus textbooks. We’ll buy or consign the textbooks we think we can sell. We’ll also arrange and pay for the shipment of the books to our facility.

See below for JUST A FEW of the titles that Western Campus is currently purchasing through our buyback program. Have other titles you’re not using? Contact Us today!

If you have any of the above titles to sell, contact us ASAP! We will purchase them and send you a cheque or a credit*
*Receive an extra 5% when you choose to take a credit note

If you have other titles to sell that are not listed here please contact us, as we are currently purchasing or consigning thousands of titles

We also provide FREE quotes! Contact us to obtain a quote for any of your other textbook requirements