Updated Physics 11 & 12 Sourcebooks

  • Emphasis is placed on concrete demonstrations of physical phenomena and on truly ‘hand-on’ student labratory activity.
  • Gore draws on many years of teaching experience to make physics understandable and enjoyable. He believes that physics can and should be fun to learn.
  • The books provide a compromise between a traditional, highly mathematical, ‘broad coverage’ approach, anda purely conceptual approach.
  • Books contain well-known demonstrations of physics principles, and a large number of student investigations. Some are descriptive, while others are analytical.
  • Exercises and Chapter Review Questions vary in difficulty and in style. Some require non-mathematical, concept-oriented answers, while others involve manipulation of formulas that students have learned in the text.
  • Investigations frequently end with optional Challenges for students who wish to pursue topics in detail.
  • Solutions to numerical problems are provided at the back of the book.

Teacher’s Resource Manual

Gore’s Physics Sourcebooks are accompanied by Teacher’s Resource Manuals for both Physics 11 & 12. For each chapter of the sourcebook, the manual includes the following:

  • Detailed Answers to numerical problems in Exercises and Chapter Review Questions.
  • Test Yourself: Test items that might be used for review or practice by the students.
  • Answer Key to Test Yourself.
  • Test Items for the Chapter: Teacher might wish to use these as part of their class testing program. Numerical details can be changed by the instructor.
  • Answer Key to Test Items.
  • Teacher’s Guide to Investigations.
  • Appendices to the Text.

Teacher’s Resource Manuals are available free of charge with a purchase of a class set. Alternatively, the Teacher’s Resource Manuals may be purchased separately for $50.00.

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