Unissued Student Workbooks

UNissued student workbooks have never been issued to students and, consequently, are absolutely free of any markings on the interior pages. Besides price, the only difference between UNissued workbooks and NEW is a small amount of cover wear due to handling. UNissued workbooks present an outsatanding value. UNissued workbooks are denoted by an ISBN ending with an N, eg., 9780123456789N.

Western Campus also offers USED student workbooks that have minimal interior markings, possibly including a school stamp, student name and/or a page or two with some markings. All interior markings are removed before sale. USED workbooks are denoted by an ISBN ending with a U.

You can purchase UNissued and USED workbooks 100% risk free as Western Campus fully guarantees the condition of every book (and workbook) that we sell.

You can identify the workbook that accompanies a particularlar textbook by locating the textbook on this website and clicking the Supplementary Materials link.