Many BC science teachers were students when they first used Hebden Chemistry Student Workbooks.

It’s not surprising that they recommend the same books to their students.

Jim Hebden thinks teaching chemistry should be as easy as taking it, so he provides FREE teachers’ materials:

  • Free Teachers’ Guides for both Grades 11 & 12
  • Notes on Enriching the Teaching of Chemistry
  • General chemistry resources
  • Chemistry Labs

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Read Me First.A teacher’s guide

Grade 8 to 10 Chem

Chem 11 Topic Comparison

Chem 12 Topic Comparison

Addendum.Colligative Properties

Addendum. Colligative.Answers

Addendum.Functional Groups.Revised

Addendum.Functional Groups.Revised.Answers

Addendum.Gas Laws

Addendum.Gas Laws.Answers

Addendum.Graphing Data

Addendum.Graphing Data.Answers

Addendum.Lewis Acids and Bases

Addendum.Lewis Acids and Bases. Answers


Addendum. Solubility. Answers

Addendum.Uncertainty of Derived Units

Addendum.Uncertainty of Derived Units. Answers

Addendum.VSEPR Theory

Addendum.Answers to VSEPR Theory

The Jim Hebden Chemistry Bursary will be awarded to a student who has performed service for their school and/or community while maintaining the grades in science that are necessary for success in post-secondary education. This year, the bursary will remain $1000. The $1000 bursary, to be used for post-secondary studies, is presented annually by Western Campus Resources, the exclusive distributor of the best-selling Hebden Chemistry Workbooks 11 & 12.

Hebden 2021 Bursary notice re applications

Hebden Checklist 2021


The 2021 Hebden Bursary Award deadline is May 21st, 2021

The 2020 Hebden Chemistry Bursary Recipients

We would like to thank all of our participants this year. This year in particular was a phenomenal year and reading each and every one of the applications was truly an honour. In fact, this was such a great year that we were unable to narrow it down to just one candidate. This year, the $1000 Hebden Chemistry Bursary will be awarded to two students; Mikki Priebe of Highroad Academy in Chilliwack BC, and Chantal Dinh of Holy Cross Regional High School in Surrey BC.

Mikki anticipates pursuing the study of Chemistry at the University of the Fraser Valley in September 2020. Mikki intends on studying Chemistry, while completing her Bachelor of Science. From there, she would like to go on to pursue Medical School, with an interest in becoming a Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist.

Chantal plans on attending Simon Fraser University in September 2020, where she will study in the General Science Double Minor Program in Chemistry and Mathematics. Upon the completion of her undergrad, she intends to study in the Professional Development Program to earn her teaching certificate.

Both students have obtained high academic standing while contributing to their communities. Mikki has volunteered over 600 hours of her senior high school years, making a difference in the lives of children through several avenues including: Chilliwack Community Services Buddy Program, being a Kids Club Weekly Leader, in addition to a summer day camp leader. She has also helped out with the Salvation Army and been the manager of their school store. Both, Mikki and Chantal, have been on their school leadership teams. Chantal has also been a peer tutor for struggling students in a variety of subjects, focusing mainly on French and Chemistry. She has also volunteered her time working with various family ministries in her community that are in need.

These students demonstrate their desire to help in the future of others. Both, Mikki and Chantal, intend to pursue careers where they are able to make a difference in many lives. We have no doubt that they will be successful in their endeavours.

Western Campus appreciates all applicants of the Hebden Bursary. We would like to graciously thank every one of the students and teachers who took the time to apply. While we read many applications of well-deserving individuals, we have narrowed it down to two.

The Jim Hebden Bursary is a $1000 award given annually by Western Campus Resources, the exclusive distributor of Jim Hebden’s best-selling Chemistry Workbooks. The Hebden Bursary is awarded to a graduating student who demonstrated an above-average proficiency in Chemistry, distinguished themselves in their community, and has potential to excel in the study of chemistry at the post-secondary level. Mr. Hebden is a former BC Science Teacher of the Year who taught chemistry for three decades in Kamloops, BC.

North Peace Secondary

As a side note, I’ve been teaching with the Hebden texts for 23 years now. They are by far, the best high school Chemistry texts ever written! In fact, I’m 55 now (yup, I started teaching late in life), but I used the old Hebden texts when I was in high school myself. The old Green and Yellow ones. I’m a great fan!
What makes them the best is that they have lots of practice questions, and at various levels, and the answers are all worked out in detail in the back of the book, and these books are tailored to the curriculum, without overwhelming amounts of extra information. Detailed, but to the point.

Troy Boyd
Fort St. John