Life Sciences 11

  • The first study guide that offers full colour pages including colour coded thumb tabs for each unit
  • First Nations’ Perspectives with the infusion of indigenous knowledge
  • QR Codes that may be scanned by students to access biology topics on the internet and in the literature

Anatomy and Physiology 12

  • Each unit starts with a list of learning outcomes, which are easy to navigate with the colour coded thumb tabs for each unit
  • Every one of the subsections of the eleven units ends with a set of Check Your Understanding of Concepts and Discussion Questions.*
  • Every unit ends with a set of original Multiple Choice questions as well as Build Your Understanding of Concepts.*

*Answers to the Discussion Questions and Build Your Understanding of Concepts will not be included in the study guide. Suggested answers to all of the Discussion Questions and Build Your Understanding of Concepts will be included in the Teacher Resource Package. In addition, each Teacher Resource Package will include a set of 11 ready-to-go classroom tests; one for each unit accompanied by complete answer keys. Each test has 25 multiple choice questions and 25 marks worth of written answer questions, some of which are diagram-based.

Teacher Resource Packages will be available free with orders of 20 copies or more of the study guides. You may also purchase the Teacher Resource Package for $50, for orders of fewer copies.

Biology Study Guides are essential

  • Both Study Guides reflect the updated BC science curriculum
  • Self-testing questions: each new concept and each chapter have review questions with answers so students get immediate feedback on their understanding
  • diagrams are clearer and easier to understand
  • Conceptual understanding is tested (suitable for class quizzes as no answers included)

Preview Packages Available:

Life Sciences 11 Preview Package
A&P 12 Preview Package

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