Dynamic Classroom Easy Math Guides focus on clearly explaining new concepts and problem solving strategies. Grades 4-12 are now available!


What’s new

  • Financial Literacy
  • Aboriginal Applications
  • Curriculum Competencies


Dynamic Classroom strives to make learning easier

  • Explains new concepts and problem-solving strategies using clear and concise language
  • Provides plenty of practice questions and answers, giving students immediate feedback on how well they’re achieving their learning outcomes
  • These books are popular with self-study students
    • Home school students
    • Online students
    • Struggling students
    • Typical students
    • Other independent learners


What’s inside of the Easy Math Guides

  • Each book covers all of the required learning outcomes of the new BC math curriculum
  • Each chapter begins with  a summary of the concepts (or outcomes) to be learned
  • Each new concept is, in turn, introduced and explained in clear, non-technical language, using simple sentences and illustrations (when needed). The new concept is then reviewed and the problem-solving strategies are introduced by way of “Examples with (step-by-step) Solutions.” Understanding of the new concept and problem solving ability are tested with “Exercises” and “Extra for Experts” (work space provided).
  • Each chapter concludes with “Extra Practice” and a comprehensive “Chapter Test.” The answers for the “Exercises,” “Extra Practice,” and “Chapter Tests” are at the back of the book, allowing for self-testing that provides immediate feedback on the success of learning.
  • Sample chapters are available! Click here to view the sample chapters.


About the Authors

Alan R. Taylor has dedicated his career to improving the teaching of school-level mathematics. After earning his Doctorate in Education, Alan became an expert in testing and assessment. His work in this field allowed to see which teaching methods consistently scored best on exams. Dynamic Learning books are the products of his life’s work, melding his classroom experience  with his empirical observations of successful teaching methods. Alan and his wife live in Burnaby, where they enjoy spoiling their grandchildren.

William Kokoskin taught high-school math to thousands of students for over more than 20 years at Handsworth Secondary in North Vancouver.